Monday, 30 September 2013

Adios September, Hola October - Updates & more!

Can you believe it's October already? 

What happened in September

- Started my last year of high school which by the way, is incredibly stressful right now
- Reached a few milestones so thank you guys! (:
- My granduncle passed away yesterday. He was a huge part of our lives and a great inspiration. May he rest in peace and may God bless.
- Made new header links and categories links! Aren't they pretty?
- I started taking in free sponsors - as you will see by those lovely faces on my sidebar (: If you would like to advertise with me for FREE, click HERE - only 8 spots available!

What will happen in October

- University applications! D: D: I dread this... a lot.

A few of my favourite posts this month

(yepp, starting to name outfit posts by Harry Potter spells cause I'm cool like that)

How was your September ?

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