Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #5 // Coco Fashion

There's no doubt that Asian fashion is taking the world by storm. Unbelievably low prices, wide range of the latest styles and worldwide shipping - what more do you want? 
Coco Fashion gives you just that.
They are an international online fashion store based in Hong Kong that sells Korean and Japanese clothing and ships to about 300 countries! 
These are some of my absolute favourite pieces from their range - and guess what? They're all under      USD $10!

1. Mini Dress with Tiger Print: (USD $8.44)
This dress has to my favourite for many reasons. Firstly, the embellished neckline which gives it a nice sophisticated touch and most importantly, that tiger printed skirt! The gold and navy blue colours complement each other beautifully.

2. Black Asymmetric Dress with Gold Shiny Sleeves (USD$ 10.03)
No one can have enough asymmetric black dresses and this is perfect. Lighty, flowy, and unique - with its gold shiny sleeves! You'll definitely stand out.

3.  Aztec Oriental Patterned Blouse (USD $8.60)
This dress/blouse attracted me due to its bright colours. I also love the intricate detailing! Perfect to be worn as a cover up at the beach/pool, as a dress for petites or a blouse for taller ladies (:

4. Floral Shorts - That Look Like Skirts (USD $8.44)
Shorts that look like skirts, but won't expose them under-garments - a lovely invention ;)
Who says you can't wear florals OR shorts during fall? Just wear your favourite pair of tights underneath!

5. Blue Denim and Mesh Shirt (USD $9.56)
Everyone needs a denim shirt in their wardrobe! It's a fashion staple! This one is very unique as it is meshed on the sleeves and the back which makes your standard denim shirt much more exciting.
I couldn't believe the prices when I was looking through the site - which by the way is nicely split into style categories (e.g summer dresses, animal prints.....) for easier browsing as well. It's my idea of heaven! Do go take a look and have a browse around - you'll be spoilt for choice!
Which one is your favourite item?

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