Monday, 2 September 2013

A MASSIVE Summer Haul

These are just a not-so-few things that I bought over the whole summer holidays! They're probably going to be kept for New Year because it's a Chinese tradition - new clothes for the new year (:
I've combined the pictures together so it's not so packed :P

Most of the things were bought in Berjaya Times Square - a shopping mall in Malaysia. If you go beyond the third floor (?) you can find small local boutiques with relatively cheap clothes! The others were brands that were on sale (: So I got some pretty amazing things for super low prices after 9 hours (yepp, you read that right)! I was a very happy me that day ;)

Left: Nichii - RM16 (US$ 4.85 / £3.10)
Right: Cotton On - RM 30 (US$ 9.09 / £5.81)

I got 2 peplum tops because I don't have any tops of those styles. The red one was made out of jersey material and well, red is great for Chinese New Year (:
As for the one on the right, I really liked the unique-ness of the watercolour floral print and the blend of colours. It's something I normally wouldn't pick out, but I think I can try something new and match this with something more understated like black jeggings or a mini skirt.

Left: Boutique in Malaysia - RM 30 (US$ 9.09 / £5.81)
Right: Boutique in Malaysia - RM 10 (US$ 3.03 / £1.94)

For the dress on the left, I liked the shoelace-like detail on the top and just the whole dress in general really (: It's so prettyyyy and summery (:
I love the dress on the right partly due to the chevron pattern and the earthy colours! It reminds me of Pocahontas! And it was such a bargain too (:

Left: Boutique in Malaysia - RM 10 (US$ 3.03 / £1.94)
Right: Boutique in Malaysia - RM 5 (US$ 1.53 / £0.97)

The left is just a super simple red dress that can be worn up or down
The one on the right is a cream lace dress with side cut outs (which is why it looks deformed) :P I don't have any lace dresses so this would be a first! I like the feminine style

Boutique in Malaysia - RM 5 (US$ 1.53 / £0.97)

I found this shirt really adorable - I loved the style, the cut out shoulders, the mint turquoise colour and most of all, the little owl print! How cute is that! This top is slightly cropped, but not that short though. I think I'll have fun wearing it (:

Boutique in Malaysia - RM 5 (US$ 1.53 / £0.97)

Of course I couldn't resist and decide on just one - but with the price, I thought why not and bought the other colour in black :D

Boutique in Malaysia : RM 15 (US$ 4.55 / £2.91)

There were so many other designs that I had a hard time picking just one! I opt for this one as soon as I saw it because I love the tribal/aztec print which is something different, and I love the colours too! This is probably my favourite item I've got! I love it.

Left: Boutique in Malaysia - RM 6 (US$ 1.82 / £1.16)
Right: Boutique in Malaysia - RM 10 (US$ 3.03 / £1.94)

I bought the polka dotted bandeau to wear under low cut or sheer tops because then I wouldn't have to wear another layer of tank top other
I can't believe I got this pair of shorts for that price! It's your normal denim shorts but these fit perfectly.

Boutique in Malaysia : RM 20 (US$ 6.06 / £3.87)

Bought this for summer and because I really liked the white on blue polka dotted print - slightly retro ;)

Boutique in Malaysia: RM 50 (US$ 15.16 / £9.69)

Probably the most expensive and my favourite purchase! I don't have any shoes like them so I'm very excited. I love the neutral colour which will be very easy to pair and they have a slight heel to give me extra height :D I also like the bit of polka fabric that is poking out and they're also comfortable!

I did pick up a few beauty items: Maybelline's Makeup Remover was a repurchase cause I like it; Elianto's 2 in 1 celestial eye liner (review soon!) RM 6; nail polish remover from Elianto (?) RM10

& that is everything I bought this summer! If you managed to go through all of that...I congratulate you! I think I need to go on a spending ban!

What is your favourite purchase this summer?


Some way, some how...I hope I change the world (even just a little bit) and inspire someone along the way (:

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