Thursday, 13 March 2014

Baby, you light up my world

*This is NOT a sponsored post - I'm merely sharing something that I think are amazeballs

And the babies are these pretty damn awesome flower fairy lights.
Look at them, admire them and tell me you don't love them. 
After pinning room decor ideas on my Pinterest board, I've always wanted my room to have that indie, cosy and warm vibe. Oh and, I have a slight major obsession with fairy it all works out :P 

Guess where I got them from? eBayyyyy - can you believe it? And only for £2.49/US$4.13!
Not only do those look pretty off, but they look even better on!

Steps to get a cosy room:

1. Buy fairy lights - I got mine in 'warm white' to get that cosy feel
2. I taped every few sections on to my headboard to get a garland/scalloped shape - but it's up to you!
2. Turn off your room lights
3. Turn on the fairy lights
4. Sit back, relax and watch them do their thing and light up your room world

Although the shipping wasn't the quickest (about a month), I wasn't really in any hurry so it didn't really matter. The fairy lights was 2.3m in length with 20 flower LEDs which was long enough to fit the headboard of a queen-sized bed. Unfortunately, these do not come with batteries so you'll need to get your own (just needs three). That being said, you don't need any annoying plugs or sockets to get these to work. There are 3 settings on these lights, off, blinking and on. I just like leaving them on because the 'blinking' setting gets my eyes a tad dizzy.
Now I think I'll get a few more...

P.S: Stores should just stop having sales - I'm trying to not spend any money on 'wants' for Lent =.='

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