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January + February Haul // asos, ebay and more!

I was originally going to split the two, but since I left them quite late, well, had no choice but to combine them! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (if you don't, why don't you?!) or went through my good ol' blog archive, you may have seen some of these bits and pieces!

Paisley Printed Smock Dress - Ebay (£6.12 / US$10.23)

You may have seen this on one of my earlier wishlists here. Now guess what, it's mineeeeee! Yepp, I caved. Anyway, I've been (still am) coveting smock dresses for a while and with such a bargainous price and gorgeous pattern, I just had to. What shocked me was the material because I thought it was cotton, but it is in fact chiffon. Nevertheless, I still love this. It cinches ever so slightly in the waist to give a semi-defined yet semi-smocky look that makes it so comfortable to wear and float around. Also, this came pretty quickly considering it's from Hong Kong- about two weeks?
Since it's ebay, do check the sizing but...get it. I dare youuuuuu

Coral Maxi Skirt - Ebay (£6.18 / US$10.33)

I went through a maxi skirt phase and of course, went straight to ebay. I loved how this looked on the model in the picture and the colour is still gorgeous but I'm not so keen on how it fits. There is a side slit but somehow the design is funky that when you wear it...it just doesn't look quite right (at least for me). Also, I took the smallest size, but it's still too big for it to be high-waisted like I wanted and the material is quite sheer so...any patterned undergarments will be exposed. You have been warned. They also have this in navy blue and black if that floats your boat more.
Ohh well, maybe not this time Ebay - I guess you win some, you lose some.

Cropped Floral Jumper c/o Persunmall (£8.98 / US$14.99)

If you've been on my blog lately, you would've seen me raved about this lovely floral jumper here and may have even seen it in my outfit post here. In summary, it's cosy, versatile and has florals - enough said. Get it, quick.

Houndstooth printed skirt - Tasha Delrae (won in a giveaway)

I actually won this quite a few months ago, but it's only just arrived! Tasha Delrae has a really nice Etsy shop that sells skater skirts (like the one above). When I won the giveaway, I had an option to get a custom made one with my desired fabric. Since I wanted a monochromatic skirt, I went for this print. I must say that it fits perfectly. Although quite heavy, the material is of such great quality and there's a concealed side zip so no one will ever suspect a thing.

White bralet c/o Persunmall (US$7 - I think...)

Please excuse the wrinkles. This may seem like a simple white bralet, but it can do wonders. You can wear it exposed like a crop top with high waisted bottoms or underneath sheer tops when you don't want to wear a long tank top! Versatility at its best.

Fedora - Cotton On // Cut Out Brogues - New Look via ASOS (£13.50 / US$25.41) // 
Gold Belt - Ebay (£3.69 / US$6.17)

I wanted a new fedora for my summer holiday (yes I know, I think too far in advance) and this was only RM3 (US$1) which firstly, I couldn't believe my eyes and secondly, I picked it up immediately. It's gorgeous and you can see me wearing it here.

I don't have a pair of brogues but I love it's vintage-y and classic feel so when ASOS had a sale, I didn't hesitate to get those. Bonus points for cute cutouts too! These are too awesome to not have its own blog post so that will be up shortly with close ups and all that jazz. It's still in stock so quick!

I wanted a gold belt where you can wear with dresses or bodycon skirts to cinch the waist and give it more sophistication and glamour. Alas, this looked so good in the pictures but on me...it was wider than my waist and stuck out so unfortunately, it didn't accentuate my waist but instead, but me look disproportionate. However, it's a beautiful belt and I'd definitely recommend it - but check the measurements!

rania wraps; effie glitter bow; retro headband - Prairie Charms // minion earrings - school // hair ties - diva

I reviewed my hair goodies from Prairie Charms before here and even showed some hairstyling ideas! Also, if you wish, you can see a close up of the most amazing/adorable pair of minion earrings ever that the lower sixth at my school were selling here. It's so adorable, I'm going to dieeeeee
And of course, since my hair ties love going on random one-way walks, I needed to pick up some extra colourful ones just in case.

Nail polish - Sasa // Funky Eyeliner in 'Frosted Silver' - Silkygirl // Hyper Curl Volum' Express Mascara - Maybelline // Baby lips colour in 'Berry Crush' - Maybelline // Instain Blush in 'Swiss Dot' - The Balm (won in a giveaway)

Sasa is this cosmetics shop in Malaysia where you can get nail polish for the cheapest prices ever. I paid RM16 (about US$4.89) for all 5. What a bargain. I specifically chose pastel colours for spring, a iridescent black and a vibrant classic red. At the moment, I'm loving coloured eyeliner and tend to opt for them instead of the boring usual black. Since I've got navy blue and gold, I thought a silver would be perfect to add more sparkle to the inner corners or to line the bottom waterline. Will review this soon! 
The Maybelline mascara that I reviewed previously here is a repurchase because I love my current one! I also picked up a baby lips colour because I quite like the normal baby lips range (review here) and now wanted something with just a hint more colour to make me more alive in the mornings during school without looking like Dracula. Review coming up too!
Oh and I won an Instain theBalm Blush in 'Swiss Dot' from Shruti @ Missy In The Mirror which again, I will be reviewing soon!

I shall leave you with this pretty picture with my new lights that I (believe it or not) bought from Ebay! But I'll do a more detailed review soon so all I'm going to say is - isn't it amazing?!

Phew, that's the end of my January & February haul! Congrats if you managed till the end of this post :P I've got quite a bit of beauty reviews to get snapping and writing away so they'll be up shortly! 
Any things you liked? What is your favourite item that you bought these past two months?

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