Tuesday, 11 March 2014

New In // Cut-Out Brogues

Cut Out Brogues - New Look via ASOS (£13.50)

I put this in my Jan&Feb haul post but I wanted to give it its own solo post because I think it's too damn awesome. I don't have a pair of shoes like these, but whenever I see others wear them, they just look so cute! Hence, I wanted to own a vintage-y pair of brogues that I can walk all day in.
You can also wear them with so many things and they'll still look amazing - skirts or dresses for a casual, girly and somewhat vintage look, or with shorts, jeans or trousers for a more preppy style. Although I must say that the laces are pretty useless and just for decorative purposes, I gave it bonus points for cut outs - they're truly one of a kind.
Everyone needs a good pair of brogues ;)

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