Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Inspiration: 4 Spring-Themed Styles

Probably my favourite look out of the 4! There's no need to leave A/W colours behind and I'm loving this burgundy playsuit. Pair it with comfy wedges, circle sunglasses with a bucket bag and it gives a bohemian vibe whilst remaining a perfect ensemble to stroll around the streets when it's warm. Of course, if you want something more artsy or formal, throw on a floral blazer to make it looker smarter but still chic.

Pastels are all the rage, but you can also get the 3/4 sleeved lace dress in white, black or baby blue if you desire! Of course, I went for the pink one - but to keep it from being too overloaded with 'girly' or 'sweet', I paired it with a pair of fresh white oxfords but if the event has more glamour or you just want to dress up, add a layered gold necklace. Going to the beach or sightseeing and need a place to keep your belongings whilst having your hands free, a gorgeous white leather backpack will do the trick. Since this dress is so simple, you can go even wilder with accessories or simply wear it as a beach cover-up.

I just love the light floral print on this dress because it's not too hectic and the colour combination is golden. How can you resist the tiny meshed waistband and the collars! Again, I teamed it with a baby blue bag and studded ankle strap flats to still maintain a bit of edge. Now that the days are getting longer and sunnier, these gradient heart sunglasses are the most amazing thing ever. Perfect for brunch or a stroll in the park!

I love this daisy dress because it's so simple, but still makes a statement. This time, I channeled my inner 'grunge' but still made it me. A heeled pair of platform boots will add height and be comfortable (win-win situation) whilst floral studded sunglasses makes your eyewear a tad more interesting. I'd wear this when hanging out with friends, shopping or even just walking around town because I have a trusty backpack that's big enough to put in everything I might buy... ;)

Which one is your favourite/most likely to wear?

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