Saturday, 22 March 2014

Outfit // That oh, illusive piece of mind


daisy dress: mum's (similar + similar) // leggings: unbranded // wedge boots: bought in Malaysia (similar + similar) // bag: Boohoo (reduced to £4.00!!!)  // earrings: diva

"I'm leaving you 
Not sure if that's what I should do 
It hurts so bad 
I'm wanting you but can't go back 

Trying for find, find 
That, oh, illusive piece of mind 
Stuck here, somehow 
Shrouded beneath my fear 
And I, I don't need it" 
- 'Droplets' : Lewis Watson ft. Gabrielle Aplin 

See, I wasn't being very smart when I took this in direct harsh sunlight...which meant half of the images weren't usable D:
This 'top' used to be my mum's but since I am really short, I thought I could pass it off as a dress (I mean, who doesn't want a daisy printed dress!). The length was borderline conservative and I could definitely have pulled it off, but since the style was quite smock-y and soon as I lift my hands butt cheeks. Never a good look. Hence, I had no choice but to chuck on some leggings. Result? The perfect winter to spring transition look.
By the way, that gorgeous scalloped red bag with heart cut out detailing? Yea, it's on sale at for only £4.00! Just saying.... ;)

Just had a 3.5 hours economic session this morning - yes, on a Saturday so although I do not wish to revise has to be done D: #studentlife

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