Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review // Revlon Lip Butters in Peach Parfait & Berry Smoothie

I know that there are tons of reviews on these products but since I got these for Christmas (which now seems like aeons away), I thought I'd show them anyway (:
I received two - Peach Parfait and Berry Smoothie.


A normal lip product tube that twists up with a plastic, quilted embossed casing that I think is actually quite nice. The casing are different coloured depending on the shade which is good to tell them apart. The lid clicks when you put it over the tube which is good because then you know that it's sturdy and won't fall off whilst in your bag!


These are described as 'lip butters' and to me, they are like tinted lip balms, although not quite as moisturizing. It's very easy and smooth to apply as it's quite creamy which means no tugging - almost like butter, except without the oily-ness :P Both shades are quite sheer (the swatches above consists of about 3 to 4 swipes) but this also means that it's great to apply on the go when you don't have a mirror and it's also buildable to your desire - perfect for casual daytimes. The wear time for these are about 2 hours - which is not bad for a balm like product - until there's need to reapply.

Berry Smoothie

This shade is my favourite out of the two! It's also more pigmented than Peach Parfait. There are no sparkles or shimmer in this one, and the shade isn't as bold as it looks in the tube. A berry colour (ever so slightly darker than it looks on the picture).This is definitely a my lips but better kind of shade as it gives it a tad more colour and makes it a little glossy. Noticeable, but subtle.

Peach Parfait

On the swatch it looks like a peachy shade but honestly, it's so sheer that the peachy-ness doesn't show. Instead, what you do get is glossier lips with hints of gold shimmer (as you can see from the tube). Not so keen on this one as I'm not a huge fan of making my lips shimmer up close, but it's still nice when I'm feeling lazy and want something simple and easy.

Just in case some of you still think I'm sane...

Final Verdict

I'm loving the formulas of these as they're smooth, creamy and semi-moisturizing. The shades are sheer which for me, isn't a problem because it's great for natural everyday looks. I'd highly recommend Berry Smoothie to everyone and Peach Parfait only if you don't mind shimmer...All in all, a great product and I really want to get Candy Apple next!
Oh and, be careful not to put them in extreme heat because they melt relatively easily and it gets all over the side of the tube which is not good....

Have you tried Revlon lip butters? If so, which is your favourite shade; if not, would youuuu?

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