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How to Accessorize with Your Glamorous Bandage Dress

One of the favorite trends of the late 1980’s, the bandage dress has become hot again. They are becoming a serious trend with women celebrities nowadays. You will notice that the top A-list celebrities getting dressed in bandage dresses at events and functions too. Bandage dresses can be worn by almost anyone. It is a misguided notion that women with too big curves shouldn’t wear it. All the same, if you are a girl with admirable curves wear a bandage gown and show it off with confidence and sense of worth. If you are a lady with really lengthy legs, you can put on any bandage outfit using a high neck. Nonetheless, if you are a petite lady, you should shun this style and go for a spaghetti bandage, strapless or even a shoulder dress. Accessorizing with bandage dresses can amp up your appearance or make the dress totally funky. Regardless of how you style up your elegant dress, it takes your outlook to make it work. Maintain your posture and the head high to show yourself off.

Make it Sparkle
Metallic accents can amp up ones’ glam. A short necklace or choker in silver, gold or pewter can draw interest to your neckline without breaking off the bodice of the bandage dress that you have put on. For a chic appearance, adorn a necklace together with elaborate chandelier and filigree earrings. Or maintain things simple but not adorning jewelry and a little rhinestone clip clasping the hair in a lustrous updo. Make your statement through accessorizing your bandage dress with a metallic knit.

A Clutch
Don’t interrupt the curves and lines of your dress with straps. Get a cue from celebs and add accessories to your appearance with the clutch in its place. Keep it minute and austere for a more official look or go for the funkier look with brocade, sequined or embroidered clutch. If you have a bright bandage dress, you can deepen its color by utilizing a clutch with a harmonizing hue, such as golden orange with purple or yellow with blue.

Fancy Footwork
Your footwear can make the distinction between stunning apparel and one which falls flat. You should skip the clunky and chunky and go for sleek shoes. The stiletto heels are a brilliant selection but are not your only alternative. If you like more stability without having to sacrifice chicness put on strappy sandals together with the kitten heel. Leave out the stockings since bandage dresses are about looking attractive.

Underneath It All
The accessories which will not see the light of the day are some of the key accessories for a bandage dress. Your undergarments ought to maintain everything in its place and look smooth. If you want some organization around the body midsection, you should consider the body-shapers. Avoid tight, skimpy pieces which compress your curves and develop bulges. The upper body may require some support also. Most bandage dresses have skimpy bodices and plunging necklines which make a conventional bra impractical to adorn. You should try using a strapless dress or purchase a bandage dress that has some kind of built-in support.

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