Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

I got tagged by the lovely Carly Jade from Cee Jay Ell (thank you!) so I thought I'd do it to finish off September (: Where I'm living at the moment, I don't actually have autumn as a season, but I can imagine right?

Favourite thing about Autumn?

Definitely the warm cosy sweaters and ankle boots! I'm so bummed that I can't go sweater shopping or boot hunting (at least not for a few more months) because I'd have minimal chances to wear them if I did! Ohhh, and the pretty colour-changing leaves!

Favourite Drink?

Hmmm... I can never pass up a good Caramel Frappucino!

Favourite Scent/Candle?

I've never actually bought one/tried one although I really really want to! I'm curious as to how they'll smell like! If I could, I'd probably buy all the scents and burn them in turn :P
My favourite scent of all time is vanilla - I have a small bottle of vanilla essence in the fridge and I sometimes open it up to smell it (yes, I'm weird)

Best Lipstick?

To be fair, I don't own many, but I do love my Maybelline Moisturizing Color Sensational lipstick in Cosy Tangerine because it's such a wearable, day time colour.

Go-to Moisturiser?

Yea...I SHOULD moisturize...since my skin is so dry as I'm often in the pool...but I'm lazy and always forget! So I grab the first one I see in my parents' room :P

Go-to Colour for the Eyes?

My foolproof combination is brown neutral eyes with cobalt blue eyeliner!

Favourite Music to Listen to?

In all honesty, I listen to everything and anything...apart from metal and rap.

Favourite Outfit to Wear?

Since this is an autumn tag, I'm going to have to imagine for this one. If the season did exist, I would probably wear a simple dress paired with wooly tights, ankle boots, a trench coat and a scarf. Ohhh, and a beanie as well (:

Autumn Treat?

Do I get one even if I don't have autumn? I'd really like a deep plum lipstick though. I think that would be pretty cool

Favourite Place to Be?

Really do wish the boyfriend was back from England cause then I'd be hanging out with him, but otherwise my favourite place is my bedroom, on my bed, snuggled under the blankets with my MASSIVE (i'm not kidding) teddy bear next to me (:

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