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2015: A New Year, A Fresh Start

Wow, it feels weird being back on Blogger, typing my thoughts out on the keyboard after being gone for so long... the main reason was trying to manage my time and get to grips with everything at my first year in University whilst fitting blogging in at the same time. Although I am more active on Instagram, I pushed aside the planning, writing and photographing process that is blogging. I will admit, it was hard. Procrastination has always been my enemy and time management was never my forté. There were times when I did think about quitting blogging for good because a) I couldn't find the time b) it was difficult trying to figure out how to take product pictures or outfit posts with the much smaller space I have (university accommodation ain't the biggest). So yea, this explains my sporadic absence...but I am determine to change that this year!

  But first, reflecting back on 2014, I would definitely classify it as a year of change. I made some amazing memories that I will cherish forever, went through some not so good times that changed my outlook on life a little and well, I also moved to the other side of the world...on my own. In 2014, not only was I pushed to my stress limits  during the end of year exams - the IB (International Baccalaureate - a high school qualification, equivalent to A-levels) is no joke, but I achieved results that were better than I expected. I graduated with some of the best people (#classof2014) that I have became incredibly close with and will no doubt stay good friends for life. I made some amazing memories and had one of the best times of my life during the Graduation trip. And on top of that, I was accepted into my first choice university. 

  Speaking of university, that was another huge change of 2014 as it was the first time that I truly left the comfort of home to go to a foreign country (England) that was literally on the other side of the world. From there, I was thrown out of my comfort zone and had to learn to be independent. To travel alone, budget my finance, cook, be out in the real world and of course, cope with the workload that the University throws at us. But I also made loads of new friends, got to travel and discover new places and even paid my first ever 'big' deposit - the house that I will be living in next academic year with 5 of my current flatmates, how exciting!

  Blogging-wise, there wasn't much excitement...which is not really surprising as it hasn't been my top priority and has taken a back seat lately. But I will be putting more effort into this little space of mine and hopefully, there will be loads of exciting things coming your way!

  Anyway, putting the whole 'new year, new me' cliché aside, I do have a few New Year resolutions. In previous years, I was never that bothered about things like these because come on, who actually manages to keep them for the entire year. But this time, I am determined to stick to them! When it comes to setting goals and targets, I find it's best to keep them measurable and realistic. That way, 
you're more likely to stick with it!

1) Exercise at least 4 times a week
This year, I want to get my fitness level up. I join the university's athletics and swim team so I just have to go to training sessions regularly! Also, I am determined to complete the 30 Days Challenge which I have previously started many times, but never actually finished...but it's okay, I've got them all pinned.

2) Blog consistently 
I'm aiming for every other day and have an actual blogging schedule planned out.

3) Spend more time on Uni work
Dedicate at least 2-3 hours a night for either note-making, reading or revising. After all, it's what you're here for

4) Healthy eating
More fruits and vegetables and less 'treats' for that sweet tooth of mine. No food after 9pm - trying to cut down on my late night snacking

5) Sleep more, wake up early
As of now, I am going to try to be in bed before midnight and be up by 8am

6) Less is more
Stop hoarding things and online shopping - you don't need all that cute things you think you do. Even though this is very hard when various brands constantly have sales...I need to start saving more and declutter. Speaking of which, I'm selling a bunch of stuff on my Depop

7) Drink more water
I so bad at this one that I often convince myself that I'm a camel. Going to try to drink one glass of water as soon as I get up to detox.

8) Step out of my comfort zone more and meet new people
I am the kind of person that is completely fine with being alone and tend to not talk to anyone unless they start the conversation. But this year, I think I need to start getting to know more people better.

  Hope you enjoy this relatively long-ish post to start off 2015! What are your resolutions this year - are they similar?

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