Friday, 9 January 2015

Boxing Day Haul - New Look & Forever 21

  This was meant to be posted 2 days ago, but I was rushing to finish a Philosophy essay because I'm an amazing procrastinator and haven't yet lost my touch. As usual, I could not resist the temptation of a good Boxing Day sale and hence, did just a little bit of damage at New Look :P In fact, the sale is still going on and I think you can still get some of these pieces! Also, I ordered some pieces from Forever 21 a long while ago so I thought I would show that too because I love a good haul, and I hope you do too!

Black Strappy Ribbed Crop Top - Was £9.99 Now £5

It's a crop top and it's black...I think this needs no explanation...

Burgundy floral embossed boxy shirt - £4

  I wasn't very sure about this initially, but then I sort of liked the floral embossed design, the loose-ness of it and I like how it's not completely opaque so you can wear a fun bralet or a cropped cami underneath. It's also a very versatile piece that can be dressed up or down.

Navy Velvet Diamond Texture Boxy ShirtWas £12.99 Now £4

  This is actually in the 'Teens' section and for 12-13yrs...but I am quite very petite so this fitted perfectly. I liked the blue velvet material as I don't own anything quite like that and since it's textured, it adds a bit more 'oomph'... if you get my gist.

White sleeveless swing top - £5

  Simple and lovely basic. I actually don't own many white tops because there is always a gamble with them being too sheer but I am glad to say that it is not the case with this one! Again, very versatile piece me thinks.

Nude Block Heels - £10

  Love. Love. Love. I debated on these because of the price (yes, I am very thrifty) but I tried them on and I really really liked it. Also, I've been looking for some nude heels that are not that high so this ticked all the boxes.

Pale Blue Chunky Ankle Strap Heels - Was £24.99 Now £5

  And because I don't already have enough shoes, I decided that I needed this. I got it mainly because I wanted something that will give me height (#petitepeopleproblems) yet remain comfy enough so I can wear it on a daily basis. This could be a winner.

Santa Face Christmas slippers - £2 // Rudolph slippers -£2

  The good thing about Boxing Day sales is that you can stock up for next Christmas because anything that is Christmassy themed gets heavily discounted - like these awesome slippers for example! Don't care if they are Christmassy...they are comfy and I am wearing them every day of the year.

 These were only a pound for 2...and my feet get cold when I sleep so I thought I might as well pick these up!

  Now on to Forever 21! Now these aren't exactly Boxing Day sale haul as I got these quite a while back...but hey, better late than never! Some are also still on the site! Looking through, I think I went through a blue/teal phase...

  Everyone needs a fuzzy sweater in their closet. This is one of my favourites. It's soft, warm, cosy and of course, fuzzy. I also like the bright-ish teal shade and I own nothing like this colour!

  I got this not because I don't have enough skirts (building up quite a collection) but because it's so unique. The sandy brown shade, embroidery and sheer parts of this makes it very feminine and girly. With its neutral palette, I think it would be great paired with a statement top for a wedding or outdoors party.

  Crop top, different colour, different style...gotta catch 'em all!

  A lovely top that is suitable for work or when you want to look a bit more put together when you've just rolled out of bad. Easy, fuss-free. Just put this on, jeans and goooooo! The V-neck is also really flattering!

Another amazing purchase. I love the blue roses, the sleeves, the cut outs and smock-y loose-ish style because this one doesn't cinch at my waist which I would prefer... I do love this dress but I don't think I will wear that often so :/ But if you can rock this, they I can bet it looks amazing!

Send me links to any Boxing Day sales related post you guys have - would love to read your bargains. My favourite has to be the nude shoes. How about you?

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