Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2014: Personal Style Roundup

Radiant Orchid // Clarity // Wingardium Leviosa // Roses are Red

  It seems not so long ago when I was putting together my outfit posts of 2013...I would say that style-wise, my taste has kinda changed drastically since 2013 (some are so cringe-worthy), but throughout this year, it has remained relatively similar although I ventured out of my little zone a bit and tried some new and different pairings/trends. 

  This year, I have only posted 22 outfit posts which seriously isn't a lot (although I do have a backlog of outfit posts to be posted...just got to get round doing that). I guess with major exams, trips and most of all, trying to work out how and where to take outfit pictures in my tiny room at Uni (I am bound to get questions if I start taking them outdoors)...it's gotten kind of hard and I am still trying to figure that out to be honest. Anyway, here are all of my looks and links to them for any outfit details you may want to know!

Which look is your favourite?

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