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Signature Fragrances*

  Besides a LBD and a statement lippie, what a girl also needs is a signature scent - their signature scent. A scent that appeals to them and compliments their personality. This is where Signature Fragrances comes in. They produce luxurious high quality perfume with 'Pure Parfum' strength and every fragrance contains little or no alcohol

"Signature Fragrance London is a contemporary fragrance house that is inspired by perfumery's beguiling past: when fragrances were crafted to leave long lasting impacts. We provide a selection of robust fragrance oils suited to passionate perfume lovers. With an array of unique scents, we aim to restore your personal identity through the sense of smell."

  With a wide range of scents - from floral to sweet, fresh to oriental woods, there is something for everyone, and every occasion, no matter day or night. Also, guess what - they have a men's range for those guys out there too. I was privileged to be able to try 2 of their samples below:

  I was privileged to receive 2 samples (2ml each) from them - Lola* and Woody Conjure*. What's good about this brand is that you can actually opt to receive samples of fragrances to see which scent you like before committing to a full-sized one. However, I will tell you that you'll be the envy of everyone if you purchase the full sized one because they are packaged in intricate, delicate glass bottles that will look absolutely gorgeous when displayed on shelves or on your dressing table.

  Neither the samples nor the full sized product have a pump or anything, because Signature Fragrances recommends that you just "tilt the bottle so that some of the perfume touches the stopper, which you then can use to dab onto your wrists, neck and anywhere else you desire to apply your precious scent." I will have to agree with them on this one because a little goes a very long way. I wore Lola for 9 hours and by the end, it still lingers on my skin. Not as strong as the beginning (obviously), but it is definitely still there. 

"Lola is undoubtedly the crème de la crème of fragrances. This calming feminine fragrance begins with a robust fruity accord, followed by a glowing compliment of floral and woody notes adding sweetness, depth, and sensuality."
Top: African Orange Flower
Heart: Jasmine, Patchouli
Base: Cedar, Rose, White Honey
Mood: Sexy
  Just look at that description and tell me is that not the most classiest sounding scent? Part of the Sweet Collection, I think that Lola is one that will suit a wide age range. Personally, I would wear it during the day as it's more floral, light and subtle, but who's to stop you if you end up loving this and want to wear it all day everyday?

"A fragrance that speaks richness and masculinity, the scent of a noble prince! This scent asserts a distinct woody note, yet is refined with exotic accents"
Top: Cedar, Lily
Heart: Sandalwood, Oud, Patchouli
Base: Amber, Palisander Wood, Musk
Mood: Rich

Woody Conjure is part of the men's range - more specifically, the Oriental Collection that explores the richness of the Far East. Although I don't know much about a men's preference for scents, I know that I would love it if my guy wore this (hint hint) and any other guy will score some major brownie points. It's subtle, yet exudes this hint of sexiness (can you describe fragrances this way?!) and to me, seems like something a true gentlemen would wear. It smells quite natural and not too over-empowering. 

  At £37 for a 6ml bottle, it is definitely not the cheapest for a relatively small amount but they do have sales going on often (20% winter sale right nowwww). Also, little bit does go a long way with these fragrances and when you've used it up, you will get to keep that gem of a perfume bottle forever so there's your compromise! If you don't mind not having a glass bottle or just want to try the scents, then you can purchase 2ml samples for £4.95 each - which comes with free worldwide shipping (and currently on a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo!). The full sized product also come in a classy black box with a stain lined interior so it's a perfect gift for a family/friend or maybe a luxurious treat for yourself. Next up, I would love to try Déjà Vu because of it's vanilla notes (some may know that it's my all time favourite smell) and Odd Rush because with that many fragrance notes in one, I am intrigued.

  Still doesn't entice you? Signature Fragrances partakes in ethical sourcing i.e their workers are treated fairly and paid adequately, their products are vegan friendly and they use recycled or recyclable materials too! Also, they offer free UK delivery over £40. 

Does any of those fragrances appeal to you? If not, what is your favourite scent of all time?

*Disclaimer: This product was given to me by Signature Fragrances but as always, all opinions are 100% mine

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