Thursday, 22 January 2015

Boohoo Sales Haul

  Boohoo for me can be either a hit or a miss. Sometimes you can find such gorgeous items at bargain prices but sometimes, I feel that the quality can be compromised. Nevertheless, here are some of the things that I ordered and have kept! All these were bought during the Christmas sale period, although you can still get almost all of these items and Boohoo still has a massive sale section with up to 75% off and 20% student discount for a limited time! You will never know what you can find. Also, they do free returns which is just awesome.

Bah Humbug Slogan Sweat Was £15 Now £6
    For those that do not know this saying, it's a quote from the movie, A Christmas Carol! Whilst it's not Christmas anymore (and won't be for long), I still love wearing this around because it's really comfy!

Christmas Motif Jumper Was £18 Now £6
   I find that the best time to stock up on Christmassy gear is during the Christmas sales because you get them for cheap! I love this simple timeless one with all the Christmas motifs on it and I can't wait to wear it next Christmas!

Diamond Fleck Kimono (sold out) £4
  I guess I must have summer on my mind...either way, I prefer plain colours rather than patterns when it comes to kimonos and I love the gold fleck detailing as well.

Scallop Edge Open Back Tee Was £10 Now £5
  If you scroll down, you will see that I went a little overboard with open back tops...I thought they would be fun to wear and dress up as it's a little more sexy than your normal plain tee! This one is made out of a crepe material and a tad sheer, but I'm sure I can work with that.

Scallop Edge Open Back Tee  Was £10 Now £5
  Then of course, I got the exact same one in my defence, I don't have many purple tops.

Open Back Boxy Tee Was £8 Now £6

  But I didn't stop there...Decided to pick up ones in navy and burgundy. These are made out of a more jersey type material rather than crepe.

Just a simple crop top because everyone needs one of those.

  I was quite hesitant on this one because I don't really wear bright crazy prints...if I wear prints at all, it's usually monotone and subtle. But somehow, I liked the crazy combination of colour and the unique halter neck design. I think this would look great casual with shorts or dressed up with jeans.

Plunge Neck Skater Dress Was £22 Now £8
  I actually really like this dress! The material is really good thick quality and it just fits perfectly! The plunging neckline is not too low cut and the skirt part flares out beautifully. Obviously I went for the black and white option because it's just more versatile right? This also came with a gold bar belt that I personally wasn't a huge fan of.

Wrap Front Slinky Top Was £14 Now £5
Just thought this would be good for more formal events and such. It does have a slight V neck that could be revealing, but I find that the material stays in place which = no slip ups!

Plain Flippy Culottes Was £8 Now £4

 Still not over my love for culottes. So comfy. Hence, I needed a plain black pair.

Pleated Front Skort Was £15 Now £6
  Now this is another item that I love. It sits on my waist perfectly and HAS POCKETS. I love the burgundy shade, the pleating and it's really flattering on.

Hand-Beaded Chiffon Playsuit  Was £30 Now £7

  Now this is an item that I picked up thinking "I'll try it...and possibly return it." Yet as you can tell, I kept it. It looks much more flattering in person because you can tighten the drawstrings at the waist to cinch it in. Also, I liked how the embellishments make this simple playsuit seem more glamorous and I absolutely can't wait to wear it!

Thick Tile Print Leggings Was £10 Now £8

  Now this is a good example of my subtle prints. Seeing as all I own are plain black leggings, I thought this would be a safe yet different option. I must say, I've been wearing it quite a bit lately.

V-Neck Column Midi Dress Was £12 Now £8
  Another item that I quite like. Being petite, I am always quite skeptical about wearing midi dresses because of the awkward length. But I actually like how this looks and I find that it's not too bad with platform boots! Also, how nice is this deep purple shade?

Jersey Swing Style Playsuit Was £10 Now £8
  See, I have a problem. If I like something a lot, I tend to want to get it in all colours imaginable. Exhibit A: This playsuit. Yes, it's incredibly plain and simple and it's also really flattering and so comfortable on! Definitely lusting for summer with these. It's really loose and flowy and since it's plain, think of the endless accessorizing possibilities!

Solid Colour Crepe Shorts Was £10 Now £4
  Now this is Exhibit B. I do like the thick-ish material of this shorts, but it sits lower on the hips than I would like...Nevertheless, they have pockets and I believe I can work with this!

Button Through Maxi Dress £6 (sold out)
  This dress looks wayyyy better on. It's a floral maxi dress with slits on both sides and gives off a very bohemian vibe. It also has buttons all the way down so it can be a maxi 'cardigan' or outerwear if you want! Really love this and I think it would be perfect for an outdoor festival or concert event like Coachella!

Have you shopped with Boohoo? Anything you would like from the site?

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