Saturday, 17 January 2015

A rather big ASOS haul

Okay, despite vowing that I shall spend no mor£££ on clothes, I have a few excuses reasons to justify this rather big haul!

a) I didn't buy all of this in one go...stuff here is all the way from November-ish
b) There was a sale going on...and we both know how I simply can't resist them. Oh and, they had a 10% off sale last week which meant more damage...oops
c) I'm just wishing for summer & warmer weather - you'll see the pattern

  Now this picture does this dress no justice. It's actually really quite gorgeous and the plunge neck is just right - just the right amount of risque. Also, since in the petite section, I won't clean the floor in the process! Yayyy! Gonna save this for a special occasion me thinks (:

My love affair with culottes continues. I just find them a lot more comfier than denim shorts and they look good paired with a lot of things! Especially love this monochrome printed pair - can't wait for summer!

Low Rise Denim Shorts with Vintage wash - was £25 Now £5.50 

  I am usually quite wary of anything 'low rise' because it's just not my preferred fit! But this one is not too low and not too short that I show off my bum cheeks.

  Now this though, is my absolute favourite. It's my perfect pair of shorts. It is a flattering high rise and just look so relaxed when worn (does that make sense, hahah). Going to be a spring/summer staple for sure.

L- Crop Top with half sleeve & scoop back Was £8 Now £4.50 // R - Crop top with bardot sweetheart neckline Was £10 Now £5.50

  As you all know, I can't stay away from my crop tops! Hence, I picked up both navy ones but with different styles can never have too many ;)

  This looks way nicer in person and the material is also really good quality and soft! This is a kind of top that is easy to dress up or down and has a unique blend of colours.

Peplum Cami Top - Was £10 Now £4

  I actually ended up returning this because although this looked stunning on the model, should have known it wasn't for me! Somehow, peplum styled things just don't look quite right...

Ridley Jeans in Blue Wash Was £30 Now £15

  My very first pair of ASOS jeans and I must say I'm in love! I actually was looking for some black skinnies but there were none on sale :( Nevertheless, this is really comfy and flattering - now I know why people keep going on about them!

  Okay, so I decided I needed a LBD and saw this for only £7... then saw they had it in red and could not recall any red dresses in my closet so...into my basket they both went...I actually really like them cause the textured material and the off shoulder style makes it look fancier than a plain bodycon!

  Summer was definitely on my mind when I got this. Last year, I saw the sunflower print everywhere so I am glad I get to inject a bit of it in my wardrobe this time - also, I thought it was rather unique :D

Midi Skirt in Spot Print - Was £22 Now £5

  When I first saw this, I was rather hesitant because a) it was a midi skirt (and we both know that length doesn't do petite girls many favours) b) I rarely ever wear polka dots. Stripes, all the time, but polka dots...I can only think of one item in my entire closet. Yet somehow, I really liked the vintage vibe this gives and could think of ways to style it in the summer so...I caved. After all, it's 2015 - time to try something new right?

Midi Sheer Pleated Skirt Was £18 Now £5

Carrying on with the midi trend, this one I thought was much easier to pull off than the polka dots one and so far, I must say that I'm loving it. Paired with a crop top and heeled boots, it's a killer combination. Me gusta.

Pieces Funky Darcia Jeggings - Was £34 Now £10

  I got this mainly because I don't own any pairs of jeans in this colour. Right now, I will say that I'm in love. Also, look at that subtle baroque-ish pattern!

Going Out Vest with  Cross Back Was £20 Now £6 //  3/4 Sleeve Top with Pintuck Detail Was £30 Now £5.50

  I also picked up 2 tops that I couldn't, for the life of myself, photograph! I really love the black top because the criss cross back makes it more dressy and suitable for a night out, instead of your typical black tank top. 

  As for the burgundy top, I was unsure about this at first, but I ended up really liking the pintuck and smock-ish style! I believe this can be worn casual or dressed up.

  So this is me trying to add a little colour into my makeup routine and what better than to start with good ol' coloured eyeliner eh? I've got navy blue, gold, silver and the usual black and now, an awesome deep purple to add to my collection. I've heard that the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner are the bee's knees and will be reviewing this! I also got the benefit sharpener for makeup pencils because I was tired of using a normal sharpener (I know, it's gross) and this had two holes so anything goes.

Two pack belt - Was £10 Now £2

Nothing to say really, except for the fact that belts = essentials.

Double Compartment Cross Body Bag Was £22 Now £13

Might sound weird, but I've wanted a double compartment bag since forever. This would be the perfect size, except it isn't big enough to fit my wallet in...which is such a bummer. But maybe it's a sign that I need to downsize. Since the straps are detachable, it's also great for nights out or for running a quick errand.

So I've concluded that with all the shorts and skirts I bought, I'm lusting for warmer weather.

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