Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Top 5 senses: December

I know we are in the middle of January now and I know that the last time I did a post like this was wayyy back in October...but hey, better late than never? December was a time when the weather got harsher and colder which means tons of layering, dark colours and of course, Christmassssss!

Hear: Sound of Michael Bublé's rendition of all time favourite Christmas songs
  I absolutely love Christmas songs and will listen to them as early as late November because I am usually that excited about the prospect of Christmas and they just put me in a festive mood. Seriously though, what's better than the traditional ol' Christmas carols and Michael Bublé's heavenly voice? Nothing - that's what.

Smell: Lovely tropical scent of the I love... Mango & Papaya body butter
  I will do a more in depth review of these in the upcoming weeks, but for now, all I will say is that this smells so yummy I just want to eat it. It's actually my favourite scent out of the whole 'I love...' range which was rather surprising as I thought I would be more drawn to the more sweet scents like Raspberry & Blueberry or Strawberries & Cream. What I love about this scent is that it's just the right about of sweetness - not too sickening or empowering. Not only does this moisturize my super dry skin, I can smell the yummy scent on my skin for a good few minutes before it gradually goes away. Oh, did I mention it only costs £2.99 in Superdrug?...And I just wrote an entire paragraph on body butter...
See: Gorgeous deep plum berry shade of Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in #107
  Of course, the well known Rimmel #107. Often dubbed the A/W shade, I must say, I couldn't agree more! The plummy shade is perfect for this season, it's relatively long lasting and goes with anything. 
Touch: Softness and warmth of my thick chunky knit snood
  I actually only recently picked this up in the Menswear section during the Primark sale for only! It's such a gorgeous navy blue (I like my dark colours), incredibly chunky and keeps my neck and part of ears warm and toasty whenever I'm out and about. Now I hope they have the burgundy one in stock...
Taste: Little bits of sugary delights called Nerds
  I don't know what it is about these but I am slightly addicted. The fact that they are so tiny and colourful makes me forget that I'm actually eating little lumps of sugar...and lots of it...oops :/
  Also, I have finally committed to a blogging schedule of every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the occasional Sunday and I am fully determined to stick to that because no one likes a sporadic blogger! 
Double also, I have decided to use page breaks in between my posts so readers won't have to scroll through large chunks of images/text before getting to their desired post...but do let me know which you prefer - page breaks, or no page breaks? 

  Oh and it snowed last night! It was my first time ever seeing snow so I may have dragged my room-mate out weirdly excited at 10pm...#noregrets

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