Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Esty Lingerie: Accessorizing Under-garments

  Gone are the days when lingerie are only meant to be worn and not seen. Starting from peeks of lacy bralets under low drop arm hole tops, the whole 'undergarments as outerwear' trend is gradually taking the world by storm...

  But who knew you could accessorize your undergarments now? Cue Esty Lingerie - a shop that sells "beautiful, ethical and handmade lingerie", so if you're looking for something unique for a special occasion (or not), then this is the place! They've got a bunch of things ranging from sexy lingerie to flirty nightwear, from bridal garments to accessories (yes, you read it right - you can customize your bras!

  I opt to receive one of their Black Satin Elastic Choker Central Bra Strap* which retails for
£10.99. Basically, you strap it on the middle of your bra and wear it as a choker - with the crystals as a lovely touch. Although this is wayyy out of my comfort zone, fashion and style is all about breaking the boundaries. So in the upcoming days/weeks, you will see an outfit post with this as a center piece to prove that undergarments should not just be hidden and can really be jazzed up to make it wearable. 

  So until then, check out Esty Lingerie for unique and vintage pieces! Right now, I'm lusting over their Black Sheer Lace Bra and the Silk Satin Signature Plunge Bra. Don't forget to check back to see how I style this daring piece!

What do you think of the 'undergarment as outerwear' trend? Is accessorizing your bra something you would do?

*Disclaimer: I received this product for reviewing purposes but as always, all opinions are 100% entirely mine!

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