Thursday, 7 November 2013

International Day - Celebrating Cultures

I thought I'd deviate from my usual fashion/beauty post and bring you guys a wayyy long overdue post. About 2 weeks ago, my school held their annual International Day. As my school is an international school, basically everyone comes in dress either in their national costume, or something that represents their country. This day has always been my favourite day of the entire year because everything just goes downhill from there :P And this was my final one, ever! :(

Yepp, that's my younger sister and myself representing Malaysia (:
The day starts off with the flag parade which is always patriotic and great to watch (:

My teachers as the host - do not ask why they're dressed as Teletubbies, I have no clue. Althoug
h, it was kind of cool. They had the scooter, bag and everything! Wonder where they got their costumes...

Then the time that everyone looks forward to... FOOD. Basically, all the classrooms at school will be decorated by the parents to represent their country where there will be national cuisine, games...and all that fun stuff. That's always my favourite part. I always tell myself to not eat too much from one room, but after 2 floors... I'm stuffed D:

Later on in the day, we have the Culture Show! Where students sign up to either perform their national dance or anything really. We had magic tricks, national dances from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, a tae-kwon do showcase from Korea and even pop/hip-hop from Vietnam. 

Finally, we have the fashion show which includes both students and teachers! Normally, the costumes here are wayyy more extravagant! From each year group, a winner is chosen - the person that has the best costume and at the veryyy end, they're crowned (:

Since the majority of my teachers are from the UK, as you can see from above, my headteacher (left) and Maths teacher (right) dressed up as British punk rock stars! That was quite a shocker. A group of the female teachers even dressed up as the Spice Girls!

This is my favourite day not only because we get to skip classes or eat food, but because we also get to celebrate different cultures and learn a bit more about each one!

Do you have such event at your school?

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