Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #14 // I Moustache You A Question (Ebay)

Whoa, it's the middle of November! Or, as some may call it, Movember. It's the month where men (and women if they wish) grow out their moustaches/beards in order to raise awareness of men's health issues such as prostate cancer. It started in Australia in 2004 and as since spread throughout the world!

In my school, the male teachers are growing out moustaches and students are allowed to 'vote' for them using money. The teachers that earn the most amount of money, get to be involved in a 'shave-off' where students bid to well, shave off that teacher's moustache! A bit cringey to watch, but well worth the fun (: Also, we're baking Munch-staches (geddit?) to raise funds!

However, for us women, although Movember isn't focused on us and if we don't really feel like growing facial hair, we can still do our part by raising awareness - maybe even an excuse to get more moustache-themed items? ;)

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1.  Sleeveless Tank Top (eBay): £5.27 // US$ 8.39
A simple graphic tank top which you can wear when lounging around at home or just casually out.

2.  Nail Decals (eBay) : £0.99 // US$ 1.63
I find these things so cute! The best part - you don't have to draw them on yourself! Perfect for a disastrous nail artist like me :P And there are tons of designs to choose from!

3. Ring (eBay) : £0.99 // US$1.58
Could be used as a statement piece when accessorizing as it's unique, but not too out there.

4. Watch (eBay) : £1.36 // US$2.17
This will have to be my favourite item on the list - I love the vintage-y look to it and it's simple which makes it even better! A great quirky jewellery piece.

5. Pillow (eBay) : £8.49 // US$ 13.52
If you don't like fashion or accessories, perhaps you would like to decorate your space instead? This pillow with different moustaches is sure to stand out!

6. iPhone Case (eBay) : £4.95 // US$ 7.88
For those gadget lovers, you can accessorize your phone! Instead of something plain with just a moustache, these cases are much more creative. I especially love the pink Bonjour one!

Now, I moustache you a question - which one is your favourite? :P

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