Monday, 11 November 2013

11/11 - Dulce Et Decorum Est

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As the date on top of the post says, it's not 11/11. But that's only because I was procrastinating and up late doing homework = oh, the woes of being a student. Anyway, I was going to think of a fancy schmancy title for this post but then decided against it. I'll just say it like it really is.

 This morning, we had an assembly in school, where a good friend of mine played the "Last Post" on the trumpet and where we did the 2 minute silence - albeit not at 11am though :/ In the assembly, the historians in my year interviewed people what they think about on this day, and what it means to them. I thought I'd share mine thoughts with you.

To me, Remembrance Day is not just remembering those that have sacrificed their lives in WWI, but rather in every single conflict that have taken place - whether civil or international, past or present. I also do not think that this day only commemorates the soldiers, but also their loved ones who waited for them to come home, but they never did. Imagine the pain they went through. 

 Being willing to sacrifice your life for the 'goodwill' or many is certainly no easy feat. I can't imagine myself doing that. But hey, because of our ancestors - because of those people in the armed forces, we are where we are today. Although I do not know of any relative in particular that have been in war, my mum always talks to me about the time the Japanese came to Malaysia. During the 2 minute silence, I think about that. I think about the war in Afghanistan, the numerous news we hear about terrorist attacks and suicide bombings, the iron fist ruling of the Taliban. The closest encounter of war I have is only through pictures, news and stories. I do not wish to get any closer

Now you may be wondering what they latin (?) on my blog title is doing. Well it's one of my favourite war poem written by Wilfred Owen. It describes the horrors of war perfectly

Let today also be a reminder that war is not the answer.  How many more people have to die for a cause? It is possible to create peace, we just have to work a little harder and not pull out the big guns (literally) immediately. 

What do you think about during the 2 minute silence?

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