Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #16 // All I Want For Christmas...

So last week, I posted about the lippies that I would love for Christmas HERE. This week, it's miscellaneous things - i.e fashion and gadgets!
All these are things I've been coveting for ages and are the peak of my wishlist!

1. Floral Bomber Jacket - eBay : US$ 11.43 // £7.06

Been debating whether to get this! The dark floral print is perfect for A/W, and since this is made out of chiffon, it's great for keeping you warm when it's not that cold or good for layering! Absolutely gorgeous!
Trying not to cave in and get it....

2. Tan Satchel - eBay : US$ 11.94 // £7.38

I featured this before, but I'm going to do it again! The tan/light brown colour goes well with anything and by the looks of it ,the size is not too big or too small which means I can fit quite a bit inside without looking like I'm lugging around all my possessions! Perfect for school or casual use. Want!

3. New Look Chancery Buckle Heeled Black Ankle Boots - ASOS : US$ 32.32 // £18

Okay, so this is the pair of boots that I have been constantly debating internally about whether I should get them or not! The price is super reasonable, but I really do not need another pair of boots...but they're gorgeous D: D: #firstworldproblems That is my dilemma. Still thinking about this one and practically resisting that temptation.

4. Slouchy Beanie - eBay : US$ 3.19 // £1.97

Just a nice slouchy beanie/beret-like hat to keep that head warm during A/W or as a fashion accessory. If I had my way, I would probably get it in every colour...

5. Canon EOS 600D - eBay : US$ 549.50 // £369.99

This would be a dream come true. The family camera I'm using now - the Nikon - is great for picture taking, but I would love a viewfinder to make taking outfit posts much easier or even to film good quality videos! How awesome would this be!

So yeah, these are all the temptations that I've been trying to resist but since it's Christmas, I have a great excuse to share! Oh and, I checked my blog sidebar picture AND my blog button because I thought it was time for a change. I quite like my current one - what do you think? And, what's on your Christmas wishlist?

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