Friday, 1 November 2013

Someday I Will...

I was originally going to do a makeup review but I thought I'd do something different. Anyway, I digress.

Someday, I will...

1. Stop getting chicken feet and send in my university applications...preferably by Monday...

2.  Be able to do something exciting with my hair apart from my limited hairstyles -  standard messy bun, pony tail, half up-half down and full down. Although I did 'master' (ish) the double braided headband! Preferably, the numerous braided hairstyles that I have on my Pinterest as well as in this post
My favourite? The waterfall braid. Must. Learn.

Image source

3. Be able to do some nail art on my nails as on my Pinterest inspiration board. I'm in awe (and slightly jealous) of those that can draw on their nails and create images or patterns because all I can do is paint mine one solid colour and draw irregular dots on them (as showcased here) and even that turns out incredibly messy!

How cute is that! - Image source
4. Stop biting my nails. Can't do pretty nail art with ugly nails, now can I.

5. Tell my friends and family about this blog.

6. Travel the world and be a globetrotter (Y)
Image source

7. Realise that procrastination is the devil and that I should stop being myopic because that will just result in late nights and zombified beings.

8.  Be more adventurous + creative in the beauty department and learn how to do those fancy things like applying blush, contouring and smokey eyes because right now, my makeup routine is...barely there. :P

9.  Not have a messed up sleeping routine

10.  Have a walk in closet.

Am I dreaming too big? - Image source

11. My bedroom will be tidy...for more than 12 hours.

12. I will have a clear idea of what I want to be in the future

13.  Exercise and not use schoolwork as an excuse.

14. Eat all the desserts I want (and there are a lot I like) and not feel guilty

Image source

15. Have smores.

Image source

16.  Figure out why my laptop makes a super loud whirring sound like it's going to explode anytime soon - it's doing now

17. Not be lazy and take outfit photos more regularly

18. Get a better blog button

19. Finish all my popcorn at the movies :P

What are some things that you will do...someday...

The Daily Tay

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